Speed Session Rules

  • SAFETY RULES are for the safety of all skaters on the ice. The speed session is designed for high-speed training. Advanced skaters can reach speeds over 25 mph.  It is extremely important for all skaters to cooperate so we can all get the most out of the limited time available.
  • NO SKATING until ALL the safety padding is up and the doors are closed. The rink-side doors must remain CLOSED during the session, as an exposed door-jamb is an extreme danger to a fast-moving skater. Late arrivals must wait until a coach allows the skater onto the ice.  DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR without permission! 
  • Skaters must follow the instructions of the person who is running the speed skating session. A skater will be placed into a group based on ability. Skaters are expected to take part in a very structured skating session.
  • Skaters may not exit and enter the ice except with the OK of the person running the session.
  • It is critical that young skaters DO NOT enter the track, or cross the track without permission of a coach. Young skaters must ask permission leave the ice surface. Please make sure your young skater has used the restroom and has their water bottle or jacket before they get on the ice.
  • The coach is in charge of the work-out. The workouts are designed to prepare skaters for racing. The 1.5 hour speed session is divided so each group will have time to skate on the track.  Skaters wait for their turn in the middle of the rink.
  • Groups are set up based roughly on ability. Skaters will be assigned to a group and may not skate in a different group without permission.
  • Parents: if your child tends to get bored while waiting, or if they need extra attention, the speed session will not be a good fit.

NorCal Speedskating

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