We recommend that new skaters take a class through the skate school programs offered by the local ice rinks. There are no longer any learn-to-speedskate classes offered through the skate school programs.

Skaters who wish to join the speed skating sessions must be able to skate on their own without any assistance, and they must be able to stop. Skaters must be able to be on their feet during the 1.5 hour skating session, as there is nowhere to sit. Skaters are discouraged from leaving the ice surface during the sessions, as we must keep the doors closed, for safety.

Mary Wong is certified as a Level III coach through US Speedskating. She creates the lesson plans for the speed skating sessions for Northern California Speedskating, taking into account the skill level of the participants, and the time of year in the racing season.

No private lessons are allowed at the speed skating sessions hosted by Northern California Speedskating.

US Speedskating How To Skate Handbook

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