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April 2017 Cancellations

Please note the following schedule changes for April

  • April 29 – Speedsession cancelled – California State Women’s Hockey Championships
  • April 29 – Oakland “Learn to Speedskate” moved from 8:30am to 7:30am, this session only
  • April 9 – San Jose Session cancelled
  • April 2 – San Jose Session cancelled

Crashed Ice – News from one of our friends!!

Most of you know that a hand full of the master skaters make a yearly pilgrimage to SLC for Derek Parra’s Master’s Camp..  Personally I enjoy trying to stay current in the sport,  doing something different for a few days and also meeting and hanging out with very cool and accomplished folks.

One of the skaters at the camp is Jack Schram.   He comes to speedskating from a different path than most. He’s a  Crashed Ice skater.  This is an extreme winter sport where skaters race downhill.   Jack’s skating skills are amazing, most speedskaters are happy if they can figure out how to turn to the right!!!

Check out this video of what Jack can do!!:   Crashed Ice

If you like it, please subscribe to Jack’s Youtube channel and  Jack’s Facebook Page

I just got back from a Crashed Ice race in Austria and launched my YouTube channel. I uploaded my round of 64 race for you guys to check out.

I hope you guys like the ice cross downhill POV. I ended up 38th/153 in the race (it is important to stay in the top 64)…thanks to the Master Camp!



Slideboard – Review

Mary and I have had slideboards for years.  Although it is not a substitute for actually being on ice or wheels,  they are a great tool for simulating skating and working on some of the components of your skating technique.

Traditional slideboards are bulky, take up a lot of room and are not very portable.  A slideboard can be build for a relatively low cost from components available at your local Home Depot.

Our old  slideboard only comes  out a few times per year because it was inconvenient to set up and usually spent most of it’s time being a coat hanger in a corner of the garage.

Recently I picked up a NSC Slideboard: NSC Slide Board  , This board rolls up into something about the size of a yoga mat. It’s probably the best sliding board that I’ve ever been on. Also,  the board comes with booties that you can put on easily that will make this one of the slipperiest boards around. It’s portable and has a covering on the backside to keep it from slipping on smooth surfaces.

When I purchased the slideboard, it was $140. It came in 5,6,7 and 8ft lengths.  It also came with 1 pair of booties. I bought 2 spare pair for $15 each.

When we were at the Master’s camp last year, they recommended the 6′ length because you could get a faster cadence. Also,  I’m able to maintain form better on the shorter board.

Speed sessions Aug 20 and 21 2016

Saturday 8/20/16

emphasis on left foot glide and body position at corner entry

skating wide off the track – 3 groups – medium pace – glide on left foot- 1 or 2 crossovers after 5th block – 3 laps each x 3 sets

A/B groups together – B group to lead for 9, then exit, A group continue for 9; C group 7 laps (technical drills)          2 sets

A – 1000; B 1000; C-500   2 sets


Sunday 8/21/16

15 lap warm-up – track set wide

3 groups – skaters skate outside blocks #1-3; blocks 4 and 5 removed, skaters skate inside blocks #6-7; 3 laps each x 4

A – 5 laps; B – 5 laps; A – 5 laps; B – 5 laps; C – 2 min         5 sets