Oakland Ice Center

Learn to Speedskate  –

Saturday   8:30am – 9:30am

This is a learn to skate program operated by the Oakland Ice Center with NCSA volunteer coaches.  This session is designed to transition a skater from little or no skating experience to the point where they can participate in fun races or the more advanced speed sessions.

This is a learning/teaching session. Emphasis is placed on developing skating skills and having fun.

To enroll, check here:  Oakland Ice Skate School You will need to scroll down to find the “Intro to Speedskating” classes, then create an account to register on-line. If you have problems with this, you will need to contact the “skating manager” at the rink directly.

NCSA Speedsession

Saturday – 5:30pm – 7pm

This is a club sponsored event.  This session is designed for fitness skaters as well as competitive skaters.  There is some teaching of skills done at this session


Learn to Speedskate, please check with:   Oakland Ice Center

NCSA Speedsession:
Individual session  – $30
Book of 10 sessions – $260
Yearly subscription – $1000

For more information for the Oakland Subscription:
Oakland Ice Subscription

Skate Rental:

$5/per session

About the session:

Each session is run by our head coach, Mary Wong (or her designate if she is not there). The coach normally breaks the skaters into 3 or 4 groups based on age/size/ability, and each group takes their turn on the track doing the drills or training sets that the coach lays out. When not on the track, skaters must stay in the middle, work on drills, or just socialize. With only one coach, we will not be able to handle young kids who cannot stay focused and following our simple safety rules. This time of year the focus is on heavy training to prepare our skaters for the NorCal Championships (Feb.), the State Championships (Mar.) and the National Age Group Championships (Mar.). That typically means lots of laps, fast laps, etc. and less emphasis on technique and drills. There are normally anywhere from 18-30 skaters on the ice each week, ranging in age from about 5 – 70 (Yes! We have two 70+ skaters skating with us!). There is also a wide range of abilities, from national-level elite skaters, to fairly novice skaters, to everywhere in between.

Requirements: Helmet, long pants and sleeves, gloves. Neck guard, knee pads optional.

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