Try speedskating – post -olympics 2022

Hi all. Are you interested in trying speedskating? The US is sending a strong team to Beijing for the 2022 Olympics February 4 to 20th.

Our speedskating club anticipates many newcomers will want to try speedskating.

We want people to have a fun experience. Newcomers are welcome and the regular speed skaters will do their best to help. Please note: If you want to try speed skating, you must be able to skate. This is a great program if you are comfortable trying something new.

You must be fully vaccinated, register for the Sunday morning speed skating, and pay online. Bring your vaccination card and your ID. Masks are required at all times in the rink.

For information about attending a speed skating session at the San Jose rink, go here:

Create an account. Log in. Click on ONLINE REGISTRATIONS. Click on REGISTER on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to SPEED SKATING and click on VIEW. The next page should be the registration page for the speed session, where you will be allowed to purchase. Please note, the speed skates are owned by the club and we can’t guarantee that there are enough skates for everyone. The rink does not reimburse entrance fees.

Helmets are required at speed skating sessions. Skating sessions are controlled and directed by a volunteer, for the safety of all skaters.

San Jose rink does not rent speed skates. There is a limited selection of speed skates available to rent from the speed skating club. Please arrive at least half an hour early to get assistance finding a pair of speed skates that fit.

If you are a parent, looking for information for your child, please note the speed skating sessions are NOT skating classes. We recommend that children be at least nine years old, and they must be able to skate.

Oakland Speed Skating sessions have not resumed, due to pandemic restrictions.

NorCal Speedskating

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