2016 Oakland Ice Subscriptions due soon

JasonWe have completed the first year of the Oakland Ice subscription plan.

The first year was successful and we will  enter the 2016-2017 season financially healthy.

Speedskating is  an Olympic sport. As a result, the sport’s popularity is tied to the Olympic four year cycle.  Since NCSA’s inception, we have gone through 7 Olympic cycles.  In all cases, the third year of the cycle is the hardest on most groups.  We are entering the third and most difficult year of the Winter Olympics cycle.

Please check out the subscription page:  Oakland Ice Subscription Form

Speed sessions Aug 20 and 21 2016

Saturday 8/20/16

emphasis on left foot glide and body position at corner entry

skating wide off the track – 3 groups – medium pace – glide on left foot- 1 or 2 crossovers after 5th block – 3 laps each x 3 sets

A/B groups together – B group to lead for 9, then exit, A group continue for 9; C group 7 laps (technical drills)          2 sets

A – 1000; B 1000; C-500   2 sets


Sunday 8/21/16

15 lap warm-up – track set wide

3 groups – skaters skate outside blocks #1-3; blocks 4 and 5 removed, skaters skate inside blocks #6-7; 3 laps each x 4

A – 5 laps; B – 5 laps; A – 5 laps; B – 5 laps; C – 2 min         5 sets


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